Smart Lockers,

made smarter

Taking the hassle out of Click + Collect.

We provide pioneering smart lockers with user-friendly, mobile-first technology and bespoke modular design, simplifying the Click + Collect process for retailers and customers.

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Phone and laptop displaying customer web app and realtime reporting

Smart Lockers for retail

As a retailer, you want to provide your customers with the most convenient way of collecting their online purchase, while maximising the efficiency of your employee resource.

You want a Click + Collect facility that works seamlessly with your existing processes, blends in beautifully with your retail environment and accommodates your product mix.

With Clix, you can achieve all of this.

Clix lockers use in high street retail

High Street

Our lockers for high street retail complement the brand environment, maximise limited space and offer seamless customer collection. Encourage digital natives to experience your brand in its physical space.

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Clix lockers being used in big box retail

Big Box

We provide bespoke, modular smart lockers to support the diverse product mix found in big box retail. Our customisable, branded lockers are designed to fit the individual needs, environment and aesthetic of your retail space.

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Clix provides smart locker solutions for trade merchants

Trade Merchants

We adapt our materials, specifications and sizes to meet the rugged demands of trade merchants. Our smart locker systems allow complete flexibility in design, location and enabling out-of-hours collection points.

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Phone displaying customer web app

Web App

No screens, no downloads, no fuss!
Customer collections in just three Clix.

Outdoor lockers with protection from weather

Smart lockers

Bespoke lockers.
Customisable to your brand and product ranges.

Laptop displaying real-time reporting

Real-time Reporting

User-friendly dashboards and reporting relay data in real-time, helping you operate efficiently.


Case Study

“Clix created a bespoke locker solution that is unique in its application to the diverse DIY product mix and space constraints, functional, reliable and aesthetically attractive, in keeping with the look and feel of our stores and aligned with our wider group ethical sourcing values.

“The real USP is the innovative agile PWA interface, that allows a more personal interaction with our customer, is dynamic and easily updated.”

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Provide your customers with the most convenient way of collecting their online purchases. Our Mobile-First technology eliminates the need for shared screens and scanners. The customer web-app provides universal use and enables instant collection without the hassle of queues.

Phone displaying Clix web app
Laptop displaying real-time reporting

Eliminate the need for permanently staffed Click + Collect points, allowing efficient re-deployment of staff resource. Our easy-to-use admin web app requires no extensive training and facilitates quick and efficient fulfilment. On-demand helpdesk capability allows easy provision of assistance, including age verification without supervision.


We are the opposite of a one-size-fits all solution. We work in collaboration with you to develop a Click + Collect strategy that is custom-made for the exact needs and environment of your brand and product mix.

Clix lockers

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