Smart Lockers for Retail

Our dynamic smart lockers eliminate the need for a permanently staffed Click + Collect point, allowing efficient re-deployment of staff resource and an enhanced customer experience.

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Loading a large locker in B&Q  
Clix Smart Locker phone app

Enhance customer experience

Provide your customers with the most convenient way of collecting their online purchases. Our Mobile-first technology eliminates the need for shared screens and scanners. The customer web app provides universal use and enables instant collection without the hassle of queues.


Mobile-first technology

No downloads, no screens, no fuss! Our customer-friendly web app allows one-click collection via an SMS weblink, eliminating the need for shared keypads with PIN or barcodes.

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Reduce waiting times

Remove customer queues

Autonomous procedure avoids customers queuing at tills or seeking out store staff, allowing for a quick and easy collection. The Web app means multiple customers can collect their orders at the same time with no queues for shared screens, keypads or scanners.

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On-demand help

On-demand help

Connectivity to in-store headsets such as VoCoVo allows customers that require additional assistance to contact store staff directly from our app, providing an improved and seamless collection.

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Maximise operational excellence

Eliminate the need for permanently manned Click + Collect points, allowing efficient re-deployment of staff resource.

Our user-friendly technology requires minimal training, facilitating speedy order fulfilment and an on-demand help capability.


The admin app in use at B&Q

Phone showing Clix admin app

Colleague web app

The easy-to-use web app requires no extensive training and facilitates quick and efficient fulfilment of online orders. The on-demand help facility allows easy provision of assistance, including age verification, without permanent supervision.

Real time reporting with Clix Smart Lockers

Real-time reporting

Real-time occupancy data gives you immediate visibility or locker status. Historical data allows you to understand usage behaviour to make informed decisions to reduce downtime, improve performance and customer experience.

No integration needed

No integration required

Integrated trials cost more, take longer to implement and are often a barrier to testing the water. Clix can offer over 90% of the benefits of a fully integrated system without having to ever integrate.

Innovate your retail space

We are the opposite of a one-size-fits all solution. We work in collaboration with you to develop a Click + Collect strategy that is custom-made for the exact needs and environment of your brand and product mix.


Customer accessing oversized locker

Loading a large locker at B&Q

Bespoke lockers

If you have a diverse product range you may be struggling to find a locker solution. We work with retailers to create locker modules that work efficiently for their product ranges.

Clix can help with special orders

Special Orders

If you need to make provisions for special orders such as car park collections of warehouse pick up we can build this in to your Click + Collect system.

Third party integration

Third party integration

Our unique operating platform integrates seamlessly with third party software, such as VoCoVo headsets, to combine excellent customer service with efficient staff deployment.


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