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Clix is dedicated to revolutionising the way in which retailers facilitate BOPIS. With decades of experience in the retail industry and a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, our expert team is committed to providing bespoke Click + Collect solutions that streamline and improve the process for everyone involved. 

We aim to maximise operational efficiency while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience, making it win-win for retailers, their store colleagues and their customers.


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Since launching in 2022, our consumer-centric commitment to innovation has been proven in the results of the Click + Collect strategies we have implemented for our clients:

105 colleague hours redeployed each week per store: Clix streamlines operations, enabling retailers to deploy colleagues more efficiently throughout the store. 

Average 9% increase in NPS scores: Clix prioritises customer experience, resulting in consistently higher satisfaction rates.

53% of customers leave feedback: Clix enables retailers to actively seek input from customers to continuously improve the service. 

93% voting excellent: The excellence of the Clix system is reflected in the overwhelming positive feedback from satisfied customers.


Our dedication to providing tailored solutions ensures that your business receives precisely what it needs to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace. Collaborate with Clix to take advantage of the unique benefits of our innovative Click + Collect ecosystem: 

Unique software: Vault OS is exclusively designed and owned by Clix, granting us unparalleled control to swiftly adapt to customer insights and market changes.

Open API: Our bespoke solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing apps and systems through our open API, all accessible from one user-friendly platform.

Mobile app: The only smart locker solution to use a Progressive Web App, eliminating the need for downloads, codes, shared screens or scanners. 

Less hardware: Our smart lockers require a single control module for up to 256 lockers, allowing for a highly competitive pricing structure.

Bespoke solutions: Our ecosystem approach enables us to provide bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business operations.


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